Fat Shark Dominator HD3 Headset (FSV1076)

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The Fat Shark Dominator HD3 goggles allow for first-person viewing (FPV) of the video downlink from the wireless transmitter on your RC aircraft for a truly immersive flying experience.

The FOV on the HD3 has been dialed back to 42 degrees to maintain a large screen experience while delivering crisp optical performance for OSD readability. Digital pilots will appreciate the 16:9 display format when in HDMI mode to match the display aspect ratio of HD systems. The Dominator HD3 ships with a lower profile Velcro backed (removable) faceplate foam for a more accommodating fit.


  • Dominator HD3 Headset with Fan-equipped Faceplate

  • Zipper Case

  • 7.4V, 1800mAh Battery with LED Indicator

  • AV Cable

  • Mini to Mini High Definition Media Interface Cable (include mini to micro, mini to standard high definition media interface adapters)


  • FOV 42° Diagonal

  • 59-69mm IPD Range (adjustable)

  • SVGA 800x600 Display

  • Support Side/Side 3D

  • NTSC/PAL Auto-Selecting

  • High Definition Media Interface 720p Support

  • Modular Head Tracker Bay

  • Modular Receiver Bay

  • DC in: 7-13V (2S/3S)

  • Power Consumption: 4W

  • Integrated Analog DVR (does not support HD recording)

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